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Dr Livingstone, I Presume?

Escape-room type of experience crafted for PCs. Enter the world filled with numerous objects in a charmingly designed environment reflecting the atmosphere of the 19th century hot Africa.

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Dr Livingstone, I Presume?
Pentomino mobile

A mobile puzzle game inspired by Dr. Livingstone, I presume? based on solving pentominoes and intertwined with some tittle-tattle from the life of this African explorer.

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Have you ever travelled into parallel worlds, where phisics laws have no power, you live in a piece of art and the look of your surroundings depends only on your own creativity, where sounds are pure, lights flash in your eyes and sparcles explode all around?

Well, that's our day to day work :)

Vulpesoft is a start-up company that creates its way in the game industry with its first titles for PC and mobiles. It's been created by passionate indywiduals who managed to create a team. Builing on strong values that "nothing great comes easy" we work hard on delivering you the best video games experience you can possibly dream of.

Welcome to our world.

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Kamil Mówiński

CEO, Producer

He's been a programmer since 'always' - some people dare to claim that his first words were 'Hello World'. During his ten years of professional career he delivered many projects in various technologies, form designnig websites to building dedicated software for scientific labs. But behind the curtains he's always been driven into games. Many years ago he started by building web game engines and after time he came back to his first love of making games. Today, under his own brand, he prepares the first title about nineteenth century explorer lost in Africa - Dr Livingstone.

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